CarePlans Africa


CarePlans is a digital ecosystem that enables carriers, customers, agents, and brokers to connect seamlessly transforming the distribution and purchase of insurance products.

Innovation that Endures. Technology that Delivers.

We leverage transparency, trust, and innovation to deliver an enhanced experience for all parties involved and meet the evolving needs of the insurance market.

For Customers

Empowering You To Care

Seamless, individualized experience
Interactive, hassle-free quoting and policy purchase
Customized insurance products and solutions
Self-service portal and mobile app

For Carriers

Win In a Digital-First Market

Access to an extensive customer database
Omnichannel Approach
Insight into new potential product offerings
Launch new digital products and adopt innovative technologies

The Idea

We provide a top-notch experience with ease and simplicity because the simplest solution is usually the best one.
Smart solutions
We leverage tech-enabled solutions to meet the evolving needs of the insurance markets
Inspired Team
We will make sure our team is constantly inspired and ready to provide you with the best experience.

Ready to disrupt healthcare delivery in Africa?