Healthcare providers have revolutionary opportunities to better manage patients’ health with chronic conditions. These innovations are due to the breakthrough in telehealth technology used to employ remote care management.

Our remote care management solutions employ advanced telehealth technology and a comprehensive range of data analyses. The result? Caregivers and healthcare providers get a better perspective into the needs of their patients and the solutions to meet those needs. 

Improve outcomes

We meet your unique goals with experience-based planning, superior technology, and crisp execution.

Our tailored solutions work to reduce costs by better engaging and educating patients, promoting treatment adherence, and early intervention to keep readmissions at a minimum.

Maximize Consumer Engagement with Patient Home Monitoring and Caregiver Support Solutions.

engage patients

Give providers, caregivers, and patients greater freedom and flexibility to participate in their care.

Vitalyti's remote care management technology enables the collection and transmittal of daily biometric data, displays health assessment information, and monitors changes in existing health patterns.

Access to clinician-directed health sessions, videoconferencing, and interactive education helps to keep all parties engaged.

Next-Generation Technology

Innovative solutions with comprehensive benefits to all parties involved.
Cost savings
As healthcare expenditures for consumers and providers continue rising, remote care monitoring systems deliver a significant ROI by better clinical outcomes.
Payers and providers may use remote care on a much larger scale with relative ease because it is significantly less complicated than traditional telehealth devices.
Improved access
Our cutting-edge array of caregiving solutions allow members to expand their supportive care network through the involvement of informal caretakers such as family and friends.
Excellent participation
Remote care management allows clinicians, caregivers, patients, and families to engage more frequently.

Clinical ROI

Our Remote Care Management gives healthcare providers access to everything they require to maximize their treatment and services. These include enhanced patient engagement, improved care quality visible through reduced readmissions, preventable hospitalizations, healthier and happier lives, and reduced costs.